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What Does The OxyGeneo Super Facial Treatment Feel Like?

OxyGeneo has become popular worldwide as many people want to be on board with its benefits in plumping and hydrating skin. This non-invasive treatment becomes the ideal solution for individuals anxious about going under the knife or needle. It has similar benefits to Microdermabrasion, which is exfoliation but with deep face rejuvenation from within, with the infusion of the vital revitalizing nutrients and healing skin oxygenation.

The OxyGeneo Super Facial feels like a gentle massage since it gives a soothing sensation that sometimes makes clients fall asleep during the 30-minute treatment. It also offers a feeling of being refreshed and rested afterward. The exfoliation process of OxyGeneo is very comfortable. Also, there is no vacuum procedure during this facial treatment, unlike other facials.

How Does OxyGeneo Create Oxygen?

Discovered by Christian Bohr in 1904 where it capitalized on the Bohr Effect. This effect indicates that when the CO2 (Carbon dioxide) concentration increases, the hemoglobin releases oxygen from within. It then creates an abundance of CO2 on the skin when the Oxygeneo capsule and the treatment gel combine.

While it triggers the Bohr Effect, skin oxygenation becomes natural. With the help of oxygenation, it increases cell metabolism making the skin more receptive to the nutrients being infused. When the correct nutrients are chosen, it creates a very effective treatment for aging skin, hyperpigmentation, rosacea, and even acne. 

OxyGeneo is the world’s first technology that significantly accelerates the skin’s absorption and optimal utilization of nutrients. Unlike a regular oxygen facial, this treatment creates oxygen within the skin itself.

What Are The Benefits Of OxyGeneo Treatment?

OxyGeneo super facial treatment combines elements of different treatments to experience exceptional results. Below are the treatment components of OxyGeneo:

  • Exfoliation – the process begins with the geneO+, which helps exfoliate the skin’s top layers to remove dead cells, renew the skin and prepare it to receive active nutrients. Exfoliation is safe for all skin tones and types; it can even treat sensitive skin without irritation.
  • Rejuvenation profoundly cleanses the skin while infusing nutrient-rich acts using the exclusive Capsugen, geneO+ technology. One of two gel treatments can be chosen for this treatment, NeoRevive™ (for rejuvenation and anti-aging) or NeoBright™ (for skin brightening and texture improvement).
  • Oxygenation – the geneO+ that produces CO2 bubbles are gently burst on the skin’s surface, followed by the physiological response from the body to send oxygen-rich blood to the area. Results can give an increased capillary flow and improved skin metabolism. The oxygenation process is extremely effective since it promotes optimal absorption of active ingredients.
  • Ultrasound – the role of ultrasound in OxyGeneo is to penetrate below the skin’s surface and to promote cellular repair and renewal, increasing circulation and improving the skin’s ability to absorb skincare products and makeup.

How Does The OxyGeneo Super FacialTreatment Work?

OxyGeneo treatment starts with applying one of two gels to a patient’s face, either the NeoBrightTM or NeoReviveTM gel. Next, a smooth capsule of sodium bicarbonate, citric acid, and magnesium will be placed at the end of a vibrating device. A chemical reaction occurs like the capsule ingredients interacting with the gel on the patient’s face. 

Hence, carbon dioxide (CO2) bubbles are created. As a result, they were causing oxygen-enriched blood to rise to the surface of the patient’s skin.

What Are The Ingredients Use In OxyGeneo?

Two different nutrient-rich gels can be used in the treatment of OxyGeneo:

1. The purpose of NeoRevive is for overall skin rejuvenation as it infuses active nutrients that improve skin balance and texture. Thus, giving a smoother, firmer, more nourished, and revived. Below are the ingredients of NeoRevive:

  • Ascorbyl Palmitate – it is a stable and nonacidic form of Vitamin C and an effective antioxidant.
  • Hyaluronic acid helps increase hydration and prevent moisture loss, resulting in more supple skin.
  • Palmitoyl Tripeptide-5 stimulates collagen synthesis, firms the skin, and overrides the effects of MMP enzymes that contribute to skin aging.
  • Punica Granatum Seed Oil – this topical application can improve the appearance of wrinkled skin by reducing inflammation and forestalling further damage. Has an inhibitory effect on collagen-depleting substances.
  • Retinol – is an effective antioxidant and skin-cell regulator.
  • Ribose – cell energizing and anti-wrinkle molecule.
  • Rosa Canina Fruit Oil – it is an emollient oil with antioxidant properties.
  • Tocopheryl Acetate – this ingredient is effective for the treatment of photoaging.

2. NeoBright, on the other hand, uses an innovative blend of the highest quality ingredients that help the skin brighten and nourish while improving texture, balancing the complexion, and achieving a radiant, healthy glow. Below are NeoBright’s components:

  • Azelaic acid – is an effective ingredient to treat acne and hyperpigmentation.
  • Kojic acid – is a component that is effective in inhibiting melanin production.
  • Hyaluronic acid – as mentioned above, it helps increase hydration and prevents moisture loss, resulting in more supple skin.
  • Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate – a stable form of Vitamin C, as well as an effective antioxidant for skin. This is known to increase skin hydration levels and improve its elasticity.
  • Retinol – is an effective antioxidant and skin-cell regulator.
  • Ribose – cell energizing and anti-wrinkle molecule.
  • Rosa Canina Fruit Oil – it is an emollient oil with antioxidant properties.
  • Tocopheryl Acetate – this ingredient is effective for the treatment of photoaging.

Why Is OxyGeneo Super Facial Better Than Microdermabrasion?

Unlike Microdermabrasion, OxyGeneo does not use suction. That said, it makes it more comfortable for clients while decreasing the risk of dilating tiny capillaries. On the other hand, Microdermabrasion is a dry procedure, while OxyGeneo is a procedure that adds nutrient-rich gel, making the skin more hydrating and soothing. 

Additionally, skincare professionals call the OxyGeneo facial better than Microdermabrasion because of the following:

  • Improved skin cell production
  • Increased collagen
  • Restored skin volume
  • Renewed youthful glow
  • Reduced hyperpigmentation
  • Reduce the appearance of wrinkles
  • Safe for any skin type
  • Skin plumping and hydrating
  • Safe for any skin type

How Does OxyGeneo Super Facial Differ From Others?

 All benefits of a regular oxygen facial (glowing, hydrated skin infused with nutrients), as well as gentle exfoliation and oxygenation, will be experienced after receiving the OxyGeneo treatment. Also, OxyGeneo facial is safe for all skin types, including sensitive skin, unlike regular facials.

To see its best effect, clients only need one treatment of OxyGeneo super facial. Compared to traditional facials, several treatments are required to get long-term benefits, including improvements to acne, elasticity, and brown spots to experience the same benefits. 

What To Expect After The Treatment?

Expect that the skin will look smooth, soft, and radiant due to the infusion of oxygen and nutrients. When touching the face, it feels clean and soft. The treatments will then continue to produce results even after the treatment, and the skin may look even better 1-2 days after.

Is There Any Downtime With OxyGeneo?

The good news is OxyGeneo procedure has no downtime. Following the treatment, the skin will look and feel great immediately. In fact, everyone can schedule this treatment before an upcoming event since its result will be noticeable immediately.

OxyGeneo operates alongside with skin’s natural repair processes. In terms of its outcomes, it may vary from person to person since everyone is unique. Also, the skin’s capacity to improve itself is affected by an individual’s lifestyle; therefore, maintaining a healthy lifestyle can prolong the OxyGeneo effect.

The Bottom Line

OxyGeneo has innovative facials that are non-invasive, customizable, and have long-lasting results. If you’re curious about this OxyGeneo Super Facial Treatment or wonder if it may be a good fit for you, SciNature Aesthetics can help you decide. Their commitment is to help you look your best by using natural-looking results supported by medicine, science, and aesthetics with no downtime, which makes OxyGeneo an ideal treatment to give you a lift before a big occasion.

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