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Short Guide on Fotona 4D Treatment For Skin Solutions

Nowadays, caring for your skin has been part of an essential routine in your life. For most men and women, skincare solutions are a way of helping you treat yourself better and love more of your own. And as people age, it is customary to find some effective therapies or remedies to keep your face young and fresh. 

While there are many possible treatments available, you may have heard something about Fotona 4D for a long time. If you’re eyeing to win an instant difference within your skin, having Fotona 4D will surely fit your needs. So, what can it generally do to help you solve your skin solutions and even look younger at your age? 

Let’s look at more details about this article on how Fotona 4D can help transform your appearance into a better you. Check it out here now. 

What is Fotona 4D?

Fotona 4D is the newest laser treatment mixed with excellent results for your skin. It is known to be the most advanced practice with no surgery and downtime needed after the method. Fotona 4D’s primary goal is to strengthen your collagen and lift your skin through collagen contraction. 

With this, new collagen is also generated within the method, increasing your skin’s elasticity and tightness. Fotona 4D’s symbiotic laser treatments help treat both the anterior oral cavity and exterior of the face to create both inner and out results. Its laser equipment also supports rejuvenating your skin into four various levels.

Let’s get to know more things about this procedure and discover its benefits after taking the treatment. 

Advantages of Fotona 4D

There will always be an advantage upon taking any treatment with your skin. Suppose you are not ready to try a surgical facelift. In that case, Fotona 4D is the best alternative for you with no downtime after the procedure. This non-surgical facelift approach enables you to have natural-looking results with younger-looking skin. 

There are more advantages and benefits that you can also get upon undergoing this procedure. Here are some of it: 

  • Improved Skin Complexion & Plumpness of Lips
  • Volumization and Tightening of the Skin
  • Complete Lifting Treatment From The Inside Out
  • Quick Glow and Rejuvenation
  • Non-surgical Facelift Treatment
  • Little to No Downtime

Fotona 4D’s Unique Mode

As stated above, Fotona 4D differs from the other treatments through its four various levels. These treatment modes help you in having a perfect result by providing a complete 4-dimensional Fotona 4D procedure. This technique activates the optimum contraction of collagen for uninterrupted tightening of your skin. 

The good thing about it is that it can deliver the same results as a surgical procedure with no downtime treatment needed afterward. So, what are these four unique modes?


Fotona 4D uses this laser treatment technique inside the oral cavities of your skin. It performs a gentle bulk-heating that activates the contraction of collagen fibers on your skin. Now, this part enables the collagen to become thicker and shorten as they stimulate the production of new collagen. 

This method helps enhance the elasticity, plumpness, and tightness of the skin while reducing the nasolabial folds. The treatment itself creates results that are merely like fillers.


The second mode, FRAC3®, uses a three-dimensional effect that is self-induced fractional rejuvenation. With this, the laser treatment sends high-powered pulses to the smaller areas of your skin, causing the temperature to increase in these tiny parts. Now, these points of energy are spread out all over the treated area, as it covers an even improvement of your skin. 


PIANO is the next stage in the Fotona 4D Treatment, where the laser energy is moved through very long pulse durations. This approach drives bulk tissue heating from the outside down towards the inside. It also ensures the safe increase in temperature of the deeper layers without overheating the epidermis.

PIANO aims to give a comprehensive tightening effect to lift and make the skin firmer than before. 


The last mode helps in improving the tone and texture of the skin. This technique sources light cold ablation, giving your skin a smooth, pearl, and soft finish. It also gives out a tightly controlled light peel to avoid any thermal side effects during the process. 

With Superficial, the appearance of dark spots and blemishes will be reduced so that your skin will achieve a fresh and youthful glow. 

Where is Fotona 4D Used?

Fotona 4D has been used in the following laser treatments to help you achieve your goal

  • Laser Lipolysis
  • TightSculpting
  • Nightlase
  • Liplase 

Treatments Required For Fotona 4D.

Unlike any other treatment, you can undergo Fotona 4D only once. Thus, it would be best to have at least three treatments in between 4-6 weeks for best results. This point will also vary if you have an allocated budget saved for Fotona 4D. 

For some, providers may require follow-up sessions and maintenance treatment in 6-12 months, depending on the age and results. Either way, sessions needed after this procedure will solely help you get the best of the skin results that you would like to aim for in the future. 

Results To Expect With Fotona 4D.

Overall, Fotona 4D gives a rejuvenating result providing a tightened and restored skin that you’ve always wanted to achieve. This part helps in reducing the depth of the nasolabial folds, which you mostly see from lips to chin and nose to lips. The treatment also helps restore the lip volume other than providing sound effects on your skin texture and skin tone.

With Fotona 4D, it is expected that you will have a good result and increase in elasticity in the further layers of the skin. As mentioned, lines between the mouth and lips will also improve. So, you can now certainly say goodbye to all your signs of aging! 

For best results, always ensure to follow your doctor’s advice for any treatment that you might need to do or take or not. Though this treatment has no downtime, it would still vary depending on your needs and requirements. Also, you can expect that the best outcome can be present for those who have moderate facial laxity. 

There are some minor improvements that you can notice after a week. Still, more progress will reflect after 4-6 weeks after your initial procedure. Take note that the more additional treatments you’ll have, the more improvements will appear. Either way, even if you only have one therapy as recommended by your physician, you will still have the best results that you like. 

Again, this depends on your requirement. Another thing that you can expect is that even after the treatment, improvements will continue up to 9-10 months because of elastin and collagen regeneration.  

With that, visit and consult now with your provider and set an appointment for your Fotona 4D treatment. Go and start achieving glowing and fresh, young-looking skin!

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