Laser Pain Management

Laser Pain Management Las Vegas

Pain for millions of people is a normal part of life. Almost 50 million Americans suffer from chronic pain lasting for weeks or years and feel like an ache, annoying pulsing, or even a string. Pain is a primary reason you go to a medical provider. However, no longer laser pain management is all about surgery and painkillers.

Pain resolution is now leaning toward the quickening of the body’s natural processes through MLS® Laser Therapy. MLS® is an innovative and patented Multi-Wave Lock System (MLS) Therapy Laser delivering an active and coordinated effect on inflammation, edema, and pain. It exceeds the traditional LLLT (low power) laser and HP (high power) laser treatment concerns.

The MLS® precisely orchestrates synchronized dual wavelengths and concurrent continuous and pulse emissions. The operating values of MLS® result in optimal clinical efficiency. The MLS® emission provides better and quicker bio stimulatory results using reduced time, less energy, and high pain management.

Using a patented multi-wave laser to reduce pain and inflammation also promotes soft tissue repair. Wavelengths are used at the same time, and each wavelength delivers different results. Wavelength 1 reduces inflammation and swelling by using a continuous laser at 808 nanometers. Wavelength 2 is a pulsed laser that reaches deep into tissues and nerves and creates pain relief.

These two wavelengths simultaneously provide tremendous anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving effects, and the risk of thermal damage is dramatically reduced. Scientifically, once your body absorbs these wavelengths of light, cellular activity is increased. Cellular activity includes mitochondria stimulation and ATP synthesis to increase lymphatic drainage and trigger collagen production.

The final result? The MLS Laser causes the tendons, ligaments, and muscles to repair themselves up to 30% faster, which helps relieve pain and gets you back to a pain-free life safely and quickly.

Most MLS Laser treatments take about ten to fifteen minutes, depending on the area in pain. Our technician will set the robotic head of the laser over your treatment area and program the laser to provide you with safe and pain-free treatment.