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Men and women lose hair with aging or medical conditions. Unfortunately, some lose more hair than others. Hair loss programs have been slow to develop, and little progress has been made in treating hair loss. In the past, hair transplants were the ultimate surgical treatment, and the downtime and recovery were long, and the results are unsure.

Fontona has developed a hair regrowth program using their Fontona SMOOTH® beam, and the program is called HAIRestart®. Treatments are quick and virtually pain-free. The therapy focuses on stimulating inactive hair follicles to promote hair growth.But, don’t worry, HAIRestart® provides treatments that give patients highly controlled energy delivery with the most comfort available.

Treatments take about 10 minutes, and you will need at least six treatments every two weeks, with assessments taken before each treatment.

The device effectively and safely delivers unique temporal and spatial temperature profiles to the scalp. This temperature control results in increased tissue regeneration and triggers new follicle growth.

The advantages of HAIRestart® include:

  • Prevention of more hair loss
  • Increased density and thickness of hair
  • Promote new follicle growth
  • No medications are used
  • No down-time.
HAIRestart® uses Fontona’s SMOOTH® pulses that deliver laser light gently to the tissues. As a result, the light aimed at the follicles and the scalp is safe and controlled. SMOOTH® operates at the infrared Er:YAG laser wavelength or 2.94 um. Using a 2.94 um wavelength is the maximum absorption that the skin can handle.Fotona’s SMOOTH® can perform in a non-ablative manner and produces precisely aimed mild thermal pulses.

Before using Fontona’s HAIRestart® program, we suggested that a complete workup be done to determine the reasons why you have hair loss. This workup will identify underlying medical causes for hair loss. Many patients combine the Fontana laser tests with medications, vitamins, and PRP to guarantee hair regrowth.