Soothing Clay Mask





Soothing Clay Mask

The mask improves the appearance of dullness and decreases the look of shine.

Major beneficial ingredients include:

  • Bentonite is a mineral-rich natural clay that absorbs oils and reduces shine. Bentonite also has soothing and healing benefits.
  • Kaolin removes the impurities from your skin and absorbs sebum.
  • Illite (French Clay) detoxifies your skin and removes impurities. Illite also contains antibacterial properties.
  • Charcoal Powder is known to absorb excess oil and detoxify your skin.

Also included in the product is water, glycerin alcohol denat, plus Witch Hazel, and Sorbitan Olivate. Polysorbate 60 plus sodium gluconate help to clear impurities. Read the full ingredient label to ensure that you are not allergic to any of the ingredients. Discontinue use if redness, rashes, or irritation appears on your skin.

This skin mask does not have a chalky feel and is easy to remove. The mask is appropriate for normal and oily skin. In addition, it is safe for skin that is prone to acne.

The Soothing Clay Mask is specially developed for acne-prone skin. It absorbs excess sebum, reduces shine, and draws out impurities embedded in the skin. As a result, the mask helps fight breakouts and the appearance of dullness caused by acne.

You can use this mask for acne-prone skin, but anyone with any skin type can use it. The mask does not dry completely on your skin which makes it easy to apply and remove.

Apply to a clean face and neck as directed. Leave on for about 10-16 minutes and remove with warm water. Then, follow up with your regular skincare regimen.

Clients love this face mask as it soothes and calms skin. It does not dry out like a normal clay mask and does not feel like your skin will crack when it dries. Instead, it washes off smoothly and leaves your skin feeling clean and your pores looking smaller.