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Is Thread lift An Answer To Sagging Skin And Skin Folds

Nothing could be more bothersome than wrinkles, fine lines, and sagging skin developing in your face or anywhere on your body. It gives you and other people the perception that you are growing older and older as years pass by. But do you need to get stressed out by those skin-aging indicators? Whilst, stress can also contribute to even more skin problems. Thread lifts might be the solution to the problem you’re facing right now and in the future.

Thread lifts have been there since the 1990s, and they have been developed ever since it was invented. There have been different claims as to who created which thread lift variety, but what matters most is that modern Thread Lifts are proven to be safer and more effective than earlier ones. Hence, modern brands and variations are approved by the FDA, and most likely, the doctor will advise for an FDA-approved brand.

However, is Thread Lift an answer to sagging skin and skin folds? Before we proceed in answering the golden question, let’s take a quick look to further understand how the procedure works.

Thread Lift is a minimally invasive, non-surgical treatment that involves thread-like sutures (PDO thread) placed under the subcutaneous tissues using a cannula. The PDO threads are engineered to pull and adjust to achieve a visible skin lift right after the procedure. But it’s not limited to that. As time passes by and the skin continues to regenerate, the threads stimulate collagen and elastic fiber production. Thus, your skin will continue to achieve a naturally smooth and young-looking, wrinkle-free appearance.

Where can thread lift be applied?

The thread lift procedure seems like a perfect option for wrinkle removal just by the description of it. However, it cannot be used for all kinds of wrinkles. So, where exactly can you use thread lift?

The main target areas for thread lifts are the middle part of the face, such as the lower forehead, under-eye area, eyebrows, nose, cheeks, and chin. But it is not limited to that, thread lift can also be used for the jowl and neck. Although uncommon, other clinics also offer thread lift for other areas such as sagging buttocks and wrinkly knees. However, the takeback is that thread lift cannot be used for excess skin.

Different Types of PDO Threads

PDO (Polydioxanone) threads are the most common type of FDA-approved thread for thread lift in the market. Depending on your desired results, you can choose from three different types of PDO threads. These are Mono, Cogs, and Screw Threads.

1. Mono

Mono is like the basic form of PDO threads. It focuses more on collagen and elastin production and stimulation, rather than lifting the skin. However, Mono Threads can also be used to add volume to the cheeks by using 10 to 30 threads that are interwoven into a mesh-like pattern. 

2. Cog Threads

For areas that need lifting, Cog Thread is a solid option for you. The thread contains barbs that then latches in the subcutaneous tissue, thus, provides a better lift for the skin.

3. Screw Threads

If you wish to attain more volume and more lift in your skin, Screw Thread is the best option for you. By using single or more threads that are intertwined, you’ll get more lift and volume on your face. If you wish for a more v-shaped face, the doctor will advise screw threads instead of the previous threads.

Although these threads have their respective purposes, they can also be used in conjunction with the other.

Is Thread Lift the answer to sagging skin and skin folds? Well, to answer the question concisely, the answer is YES. Thread lift is proven to be safe and effective for treating areas that are sagging, and also areas that are just starting to sag. Thread Lift also addresses facial areas that have minimal skin folds, especially on the face, jowl, and necks.

To avoid misconceptions about the treatment, Thread Lift cannot be used to address skin folds and sagging skin that is formed due to excess fat. The treatment is focused more on skin parts that tend to lose laxity as you age.

Additionally, although thread lift is a safe and effective treatment for skin-aging indicators, the treatment focuses more on light, mild, and moderate cases of wrinkles, sagginess, and skin fold. The best candidates for the treatment are those who don’t have severe cases of wrinkles. Given this statement, Thread Lift is more efficient for the reduction and prevention of the said conditions. 

But don’t give up on Thread Lift just yet! A perfect, all-in-one treatment still hasn’t landed on the market. Although Thread Lift is limited by its scope, the treatment can be used in conjunction with other treatments that thread lift could not. Frankly speaking, most treatments work that way. You can undergo thread lift for mild to moderate wrinkles. While Fillers or Botox is for severe cases. On the other hand, Fillers and Botox are just the second options advisable for light, mild to moderate wrinkles, and vice versa.

Additionally, Thread Lift is still a suitable and convenient answer for mild to moderate skin wrinkles and sagging compared to a traditional surgical facelift. Nonetheless, Thread Lift still has side effects affiliated with it. The common side effects are redness, swelling, and bruising in the treated area.

In rare cases, severe side effects occur such as infection, excessive bleeding, persistent pain, thread going superficial, and many more. These are often associated with misuse and misprocess. This is why it is best to choose a board-certified and experienced surgeon to avoid any severe side effects. Additionally, the results of the thread lift also depend on the dermatologist or aesthetician.

To sum it all up

So, the answer to the golden question – “Is thread lift an answer to sagging skin and skin folds?” – is yes. Half of the answer depends on the performing surgeon or personnel. While the quarter depends on the aftercare that you provide for the treated area. And the other quarter depends on the target area that you wish to treat.

Still in doubt whether thread lift could be the best answer to your wrinkles, fine lines, sagging skin, and skin folds? It’s time to drop the burden and share with us your skin condition. We can give you advice on whether Thread Lift is the best option for you. If we think it’s not for you, we can also provide you with services that would suit you best. Consult us at Scinature Aesthetics.

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