How is micro-needling effective and safe for acne scars?

How Is Micro-Needling Effective And Safe For Acne Scars?

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Once you have battled with all the annoying pain of acne, you have to encounter the issue of acne scars. Acne scars make your face look uneven and even lead to embarrassment in other cases. With all these issues, it is a challenge to find an accurate solution for acne scars. Some of the OTC creams may not be effective and some of the other treatments will be costlier than expectations. Hence, most people who are looking for an effective solution for acne problem that is a combination of both effectiveness and value. For such cases, micro-needling for acne scars could be a good solution.


What Is Acne Scarring?


  • Acne scars are raised or hollow scars that are developed from the uppermost layer of the dermis. They are usually formed due to the poor handling of acne that restricts the skin to heal itself properly. This improper healing results in developing an uneven texture leading to severe scars. In extreme cases, these scars can be ugly and have a dent in the self-confidence of that person.
  • Acne scarring happens due to the scars that are left untreated after the resolving of acne. While acne is a condition that causes the skin glands to clog up forming spots, nipples, and cysts beneath the skin. This clogging leads to the filling up of oil glands with dead skin cells, excess oils, and other skin waste.
  • Acne is caused due to improper skincare, hormonal imbalance and bacterial infection can cause acne. When the acne is not taken care of properly, then it leads to scarring after the resolving of the actual acne problem.


What is micro-needling?

Micro-needling is a treatment employed by aestheticians to resolve many skin conditions. This procedure involves employing many small, sterile needles to cause micro lesions on the skin. This treatment is found to be effective in solving many skin issues. This technique has been proven effective in treating the appearance of acne scars. Treatment involves sliding the small needles over the surface of the skin that leads to stimulation of collagen production in the skin. As there is a boost in the collagen, there will be a repair process kicked-off in the process. The result will be the development of plumper-looking skin and also the ability to absorb skin-treating medications.


How Does Micro-Needling for Acne Scars Work?

Micro-needling works in two ways to treat the problem of acne scarring when performed under the expert supervision of a skilled skin expert:


Inducing Collagen Production:

The body will make use of collagen to heal itself after any kind of skin injury. Since acne is also caused due to the injury to the face, the body produces collagen to heal the injured region that is responsible for the development of scars. In some situations, the scars may be more and ugly depending on the impact of the acne on your skin.

Micro-needling makes the skin look glowing and rejuvenated. Scarring on the face will be faded as the skin looks young. In the issues of depressed acne scarring, the new collagen will cover the depressions providing an even-looking skin surface. The newly developed collagen will be mainly responsible for leaving the skin making look smooth.


Aiding Acne Care Drug Absorption

It is key for acne scarring removal drugs to be effective in that they go deep inside the skin. The majority of topical creams or lotions will take ample time to be absorbed in the skin impacting the delay in their work. In few cases, they will be ineffective and as they are unable to reach the target regions properly.

Drug absorption will be faster after the completion of micro-needling treatments. As micro-needling will create micro lesions in the skin, it will let the drugs be absorbed faster into the target region. These micro lesions will let the skin absorb topical applications easily.

With these two types of advantages, micro-needling will aid us in eliminating acne scarring more progressively when compared to other treatments. Hence, this procedure is best even while receiving other topical medications like creams or lotions for acne.


Risks of the procedure:


  • There will be some minor side effects from this procedure including bruising, redness, and inflammation but will fade off in few days. During the first few days after the micro-needling procedure, you must surely stay away from the sun and strenuous activities. Exfoliants and alcohol-based skin products can also enhance the adverse effects.
  • There may be an acne breakout after the micro-needling procedure but will clear off in some days. You have to ensure to not pick your skin as it may lead to further scarring.
  • You will be advised to drink loads of water on the day before and the leading hours before the treatment. This will be helpful to avoid inflammation and bruising. Do not use any makeup while you go to the treatment clinic.
  • Micro-needling is a quick procedure when compared to other invasive skin therapies. Depending on their adverse effects, people may opt to go back to their routine. You may ask your skin expert for using any light powder for masking any redness, bruises, etc.
  • Generally, skin specialists will not suggest this treatment if there is an active acne issue. It is the same even for problems like rosacea or eczema as the treatment may worsen the problems.
  • To avoid any issues from micro-needling, other treatments like exfoliations or skin peeling are not advised closer to treatments.
  • Micro-needling is also considered safe than many other minimally invasive skin repair procedures like laser therapy for treating darker skin tones. This is because it will not damage or eliminate the outer layers of the skin. Micro-needling is also considered safe for people with sensitive skin.



Micro-needling is generally safe when you perform the injections at a reliable center like Scinature Aesthetics. We follow a customized approach for every patient and treat them to meet the desired goals effectively.


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