Crow's Feet

Crow’s Feet & Their Best Possible Treatment

As you age, there are tons of changes that happen in your body. Your bones tend to decrease in density and size. You may have a weakened immune system, loss of muscle strength and more. While these physical transformations can be sensed by many, other factors come within this phase as you age, one of which is how your skin appears. With ageing, your skin gradually changes over a period. There may be parts where the face is more sensitive than others, while some have a fresh and young-looking look. Either way, most adults worry about one common thing: those trim lines spreading out from the corners of the eyes called Crow’s feet. 

If you have the same problem, reading this blog would certainly help you get rid of these unwanted eye lines. Learn and discover some of the best possible treatments like injectables to treat Crow’s feet. See more helpful information below.

What are Crow’s Feet?

Having a crow’s feet is one of the usual indications of ageing. It is a term granted for those fine lines around the eye area. For others, those tiny wrinkles are also known as “smile lines” since these are the ones that generally form when you grin. Crow’s feet grow over time as this slight muscle contraction occurs each time you make any facial expression. 

There are two types of wrinkles: static and dynamic. Static wrinkles may deteriorate with muscle contraction. Thus they are evident most of the time, even if your face is at rest. On the other hand, Dynamic wrinkles appear during muscle contraction. So, if your crow’s feet are apparent when you are grinning, they are perhaps dynamic. 

Indeed, you may be worried a lot of these crow’s feet have been bothering you for a long time. Besides, who wouldn’t love to smile confidently with a young and fresh-looking face? The thing is, no matter which type of crow’s feet you may have, there are many available treatments that you can try to deal with those fine lines. 

Such procedures may let you undergo a process, have some injectables, or apply topical creams on the face. In general, crow’s feet signs can be treated entirely, at least momentarily. What’s more, there are also some steps that you can take at home to help you cover your crow’s feet. 

But, do note that the treatment you will choose will also depend on how severe your crow’s feet are. For most people, their desired results are also crucial before considering the entire treatment. There are instances that your doctor may also let you try a combination of treatments if possible. 

So, what are these possible treatments that you can try? Let’s see everything here in this post. 


The prevalent solution that works among all is through Botox. This treatment works out smoothly with wrinkles because of repetitive muscle contractions, which happens when you have a facial expression. Therefore, this medication is undoubtedly adequate for crow’s feet.

The botox is directly injected into the affected region with a small needle, causing the muscles to relax. The treatment prevents the muscles from contracting, which can lessen or diminish the wrinkles in an instant. It is also primarily effective for people that have dynamic wrinkles. With this kind of treatment, you can surely make all the facial expressions that you would want. 

Its main goal is to target the muscles around your eyes, causing your crow’s feet. Thus, botox takes effect for only three months. Follow-up treatment sessions will help you the trick in maintaining clear and smooth skin under your eye. Also, this is best suited for people who are 30-50, of whom wrinkles are starting to appear. 

So, if you have deep wrinkles, Botox will not be that effective anymore. 

Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers are also one of those injectables that you can have to treat your crow’s feet. Also known as soft-tissue fillers, some people would love to have this treatment as they last longer than Botox. Thus, both kinds of treatments are an excellent way to cure your crow’s eye. 

The procedure starts by injecting the fillers directly into your crow’s feet with a small needle. The various dermal fillers usually available have different components, and some are more persistent than others. To ensure your safety, consult with your healthcare provider about the best kind for your skin type. 

As mentioned above, dermal fillers are as effective as Botox. They are best to go with static crow’s feet, which generally appear even when your face is not in motion. Fillers last anywhere from three to twelve months or more. 



Another injectable that you can consider for your crow’s feet is Dysport. Like any other treatment, Dysport prevents and treats wrinkles among adults through a unique chemical solution. These injectable therapies have good benefits from other neuromodulators. 

It goes through a method of reducing dynamic wrinkles by breaking the communication between your nerves and the muscle. With this treatment, you will also experience a sophisticated approach to reducing those wrinkles around your eyes. Guided by skilled medical professionals, this injectable will help you in enhancing your skin concerns. 


Preventing Crow’s Feet

Sooner or later, crow’s feet will be a part of your concerns, especially when you get older. However, there are some things that you can still do to lessen the intensity of these wrinkles to show on your face. 

First, never get exposed to too much sun. You can always wear a sunscreen protector or wear sunglasses and a hat. Second, a healthy diet keeps you safe from any illness and lets your skin glow at its finest! With a diet full of fresh fruits, whole grains, veggies and healthy oils, you can protect your skin from such damage. 

Third, exercise daily to keep your blood moving, bringing oxygen to your skin. Lastly, as much as you can, quit any vices. Smoking is one of the common issues of having poor skin complexion, as it gives free radicals in the body. The result can impact your skin by having wrinkles appear sooner. 


Final Thoughts

Crow’s feet are a common sign of ageing. Though this may be a concern, there are still some ways to treat this issue. Injectables are mainly the practical procedure to reduce those fine lines around your eye. While other treatments are available, it would still be best to consult your healthcare provider about this matter. 

Remember, each individual has different needs and skin types. It would be best to get an assessment and evaluation first with your physician to be safe in all aspects. Nonetheless, if you have the time, visit and book an appointment with your clinic and take the time to treat those crow’s feet. 

Overall, Botox is one of the highly recommended procedures and the most effective of all. 

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